Flexi-T Insertion Information for Physicians

By Darlene | March 29, 2018

The Flexi-T IUD has a very simple design and a straightforward insertion method, however, one that is unique to the Flexi-T. The Flexi-T is ready for insertion as there is no plunger or elaborate applicator – the insertion tube fits around the stem of the IUD. Please review the following insertion instructions in addition to the corresponding video embedded at the bottom of the page before beginning an insertion.
  1. Do a bimanual exam to determine uterine size and position.
  2. Insert the vaginal speculum, cleanse the cervix and infiltrate xylocaine into the anterior cervix if desired.
  3. Grasp the anterior cervix with a single toothed tenaculum.
  4. Sound the uterus to identify the endometrial canal and measure uterine depth.
  5. Open the sterile package and adjust the blue cervical stop on the insertion tube to mark the uterine depth. Make sure the end of the string is free from the cervical stop. There is no need to touch the IUD itself. It is a good idea to grip the string along with the end of the insertion tube in order to prevent the device from slipping out of the tube when you lift it up.
  6. There is nothing to load. The arms of the IUD stay outside the insertion tube as the IUD is passed through the cervix. They will automatically spring back to their orginal shape once the device is in the endometrial canal.
  7. Use the tenaculum for traction on the cervix while you pass the Flexi-T through the cervical canal and up to the uterine fundus.
  8. The arms will fold down, then twist and turn around the insertion tube as the device navigates the cervical canal.  There is no cause for alarm. The arms are designed to be flexible for this purpose. Once the arms are through the internal os their “memory” allows them to resume their horizontal position and conform to the shape of the uterine cavity.
  9. You will feel resistance when the IUD reaches the uterine fundus. It is a good idea to wait 10-15 seconds so the arms have a chance to open fully. Gently tap the fundus two or three times with the insertion tube in order to help the Flexi-T nest properly within the endometrial cavity.
  10. When you are satisfied that the IUD is place, gently twist the insertion tube back and forth as you withdraw it. Be careful not to pull on the string as you remove the insertion tube.

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