Caya Diaphragm Information

by Darlene | March 9, 2018 

Many women want to use natural and safe contraception – without hormones! Caya diaphragm offers you a safe contraceptive method that you can control and use when you need it.

Caya is inserted into the vagina like a tampon before sexual intercourse. It fully covers the cervicla os and is placed between the posterior vaginal vault and the space behind the pubic bone. During and after intercourse, the Caya prevents sperms from entering the uterus.

After intercourse, the Caya diaphragm must remain in the vagina for at least 6 hours.

Consult the links below to learn more about proper usage of the Caya diaphragm! Caya Diaphragm Safety and Use Quick Guide Caya Diaphragm Technical Info Caya Diaphragm Brochure Caya Diaphragm Instruction for Use EN and FR

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