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Trimedic meets the complex health needs of families across Canada; our approach moves ideas to innovation to solution to impact.

We support the introduction of new devices and medicines through inception, development, and sometimes testing, paving the way for this introduction by working with international partners, Health Canada and other organizations to integrate and expand the safest, most cost-effective friendly echo products ensuring good health is in reach of everyone.

Trimedic specializes in providing unique, high quality medical devices, supplies, instruments, and over-the-counter products. Trimedic products are used in physician offices, multi-practice clinics, surgi-centres, hospitals and operating rooms. Most of our OTC products sell in Pharmacies across Canada.

We’re driven by product licensing rather than owning. We have an opportunistic approach in seeking out-licensing candidates. Trimedic does this by sourcing pharmaceutical, device and natural health products across extensive therapeutic classes around the world. 

Flexi-T Safety and Efficacy

Flexi-T Safety and Efficacy By Darlene | March 29, 2018 Back to Blog Flexi-T Pearl Index Measurement The cumulative Pearl Index for the Flexi-T 300:

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Caya Diaphragm Information

Caya Diaphragm Information by Darlene | March 9, 2018  Back to Blog Many women want to use natural and safe contraception – without hormones! Caya diaphragm

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